Eve­ry one of us has the right to live in a healt­hy and safe envi­ron­ment. We should be able to breat­he easi­ly in our homes, in schools, offices and in hos­pi­tals, wit­hout having to fear inha­ling harm­ful che­micals. Our built sur­roun­dings should enable us to flou­rish.

We com­bi­ne modern arc­hi­tec­tu­re with the abso­lu­te best of the ancient, Scan­di­na­vian buil­ding prac­tices, that have pro­ven to be natu­ral­ly healt­hy and to stand the test of time. We crea­te new, mea­ning­ful houses, that honor their milieu and their inha­bi­tants.

No glue or plastics, only wood

Mas­si­ve wood fra­med buil­dings have a long his­to­ry in Scan­di­na­via. Cor­rect­ly built, they hand­le our deman­ding weat­her con­di­tions ext­re­me­ly well. They fight cli­ma­te chan­ge by sto­ring car­bon. Well main­tai­ned, they are a sen­sible invest­ment for many gene­ra­tions to come.

The Trä Kro­nor concept houses are built accor­ding to the seven principles for healt­hy and sus­tai­nable buil­ding. The principles are based on plain and risk free met­hods.

We think that it should be as easy to unders­tand what a house is built of as to check the ingre­dients on a can of soup in the groce­ry sto­re. That’s why we tell open­ly about our way of buil­ding and make an index of eve­ryt­hing inclu­ded. The list is short, as we use only simple, natu­ral mate­rials.

The mas­si­ve wood fra­me is free from glues, plas­tics and che­mical treat­ments. It is vapour per­meable, which in all simplici­ty means that it dries if it gets wet.

Natu­ral ven­ti­la­tion works well in new buil­dings also. It’s not as pro­ne to defects, since it’s based on the laws of natu­re and takes care of itself, wit­hout mac­hi­nes or other ins­tal­la­tions. The fresh air is brought in through val­ves and is escor­ted out through the chim­ney.

A ven­ti­la­ted base floor is anot­her tra­di­tio­nal tech­nique allowing the air to circu­la­te under the buil­ding. Radon exits natu­ral­ly, main­te­nance is easy and even­tual pipe leaks quick to spot and repair. A ven­ti­la­ted attic, a slo­ped roof and gene­rous eaves keep the wood con­struc­tions dry, let­ting water and snow run off easi­ly.

Building for the future

Our way of living is chan­ging, and our homes need to adapt. Trä Kro­nor concept houses deri­ve their ins­pi­ra­tion from old, well docu­men­ted con­struc­tion met­hods, but are built to last for hundreds of years. Char­ging sta­tions for elect­ric cars, solar panels, auto­ma­tion and other tech­nical solu­tions that make our eve­ry­day lives easier are a natu­ral part of our ser­vices.

Toget­her we can make our homes healt­hy and sus­tai­nable!

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