Every one of us has the right to live in a healthy and safe environment. We should be able to breathe easily in our homes, in schools, daycare centers and in hospitals, without having to fear inhaling harmful particles from mold or chemical reactions. Our built surroundings should enable us to flourish.

We combine modern and stylish architecture with the absolute best of the ancient, Scandinavian building practices, that have proven to be naturally healthy and to stand the test of time. We create new, meaningful houses, that honor their milieu and their inhabitants.

No glue or plastics, only wood

Massive wood framed buildings have a long history in Scandinavia. Correctly built, they handle our demanding weather conditions extremely well. They fight climate change by storing carbon. Well maintained, they are an sensible investment for many generations to come.

Healthy and sustainable Trä Kronor townhouses for Asuntmessut 2020 housing fair, the largest housing and living event in Finland.

Our experienced builders lead by legendary Master Builder Mr Leif Slotte and our architects and designers at highly respected SAATSI Arkkitehdit construct all houses according to the seven principles for healthy and sustainable building. The principles are based on plain and risk free methods.

We think that it should be as easy to understand what a house is built of as to check the ingredients on a can of soup in the grocery store. That’s why we open up our way of building and make an index of everything included. The list is short, as – we use only simple, natural materials.

The massive wood frame is free from glues, plastics and chemical treatments. It is vapour permeable, which in all simplicity means that it dries if it gets wet.

Natural ventilation works well in new buildings also. It’s not as prone to defects, since it’s based on the laws of nature and takes care of itself, without machines or other installations. The fresh air is brought in through valves and is escorted out through the chimney.

A ventilated base floor is another traditional technique allowing the air to circulate under the building. Radon exits naturally, maintenance is easy and eventual pipe leaks quick to spot and repair. A ventilated attic, a sloped roof and generous eaves keep the wood constructions dry, letting water and snow run off easily.

Our architects Pekka Saatsi and Mathias Nyström with Thomas Noreila, CEO of Trä Group.

Building for the future

Our way of living is changing, and our homes need to adapt. Trä Kronor houses derive their inspiration from old, well documented construction methods, but are built to last for hundreds of years. Charging stations for electric cars, solar panels, automation and other technical solutions that make our everyday lives easier are a natural part of our services.

Together we can make our homes healthy and sustainable!

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